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Below is a list of current and former clients of ILS NOVA.

Learning Center in St. Paul Union Gospel Mission

Ben Walker, Executive Director
Jack Hugg, Learning Center Administrator
LJ Dalton, Career Development Coordinator
(330) 535-1563

The learning center at Haven of Rest Ministries was the first learning center
to achieve 5-Star status as a model of excellence in education and employment. Having begun with educational services in 1992, they have since expanded to include Career Employment Skills, and have remodeled their CEC to provide support for up to 60 students per day. The beauty and function of their learning 
center reflects the quality of the program they maintain. 


Ronald Brummit, Executive Director
Ken Palonsky, CEC Administrator
(305) 573-9690

The Miami Rescue Mission is a 5-star leader in NOVA Program operations providing 
education and employment services for up to 140 clients per day. Working with ILS 
staff since 1997, Mr. Palonsky has contributed significantly to the on-going 
development and enhancement of the NOVA Program.

Learning Center in New Orleans Mission

UNION GOSPEL MISSION (St. Paul, Minnesota) 

Ken Peterson, Executive Director
Gail Gisi, Director of Education and Employment Services
(612) 292-1721

The Union Gospel Mission, which operates both a large 5-star men's CEC and a 
model women's CEC, is also a training center for other learning center 
administrators. Mrs. Gisi has been an alternate trainer for ILS since 1999. Her 
expertise in the integration of education and employment programs and NOVA 
Program operations makes her a leader in the development and setup of new 
learning centers.  



Graduate of Learning Center in New Orleans Mission

Pennsylvania - New Jersey 
New York - Rhode Island - Maine - Delaware - Maryland 

Capital City Rescue Mission - Albany, NY
Helping Up Mission - Baltimore, MD
Market Street Mission - Morristown, NJ
Providence Rescue Mission - Providence, RI
Salvation Army ARC - Newark, NJ 
Salvation Army ARC - New York, NY
Salvation Army ARC - Paterson, NJ
Salvation Army ARC - Philadelphia, PA
Salvation Army Homeless Shelter - Passaic, NJ
Springfield Rescue Mission - Springfield, MA
Sunday Breakfast Mission - Wilmington, DE
Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission - Philadelphia, PA
Water Street Ministries - Lancaster, PA

Alabama - Arkansas - Florida - Georgia - Kentucky - Louisiana 
Mississippi - North Carolina - South Carolina - West Virginia

Atlanta Union Mission - Atlanta, GA
Broward Outreach Center - Hollywood, FL
City Rescue Mission, Jacksonville, FL
Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center - Bessemer, AL
The Jimmy Hale Mission - Birmingham, AL
Lexington Rescue Mission - Lexington, KY
Lighthouse Ministries - Lakeland, FL
Miami Rescue Mission - Miami, FL (Largest CEC)
New Orleans Rescue Mission - New Orleans, LA 
Orlando Union Rescue Mission - Orlando, FL (Women's Ministry)
Restoration Bridge International - Lake Worth, FL
The Outreach Center - Morganton, NC
Union Mission - Charleston, WV
Valley Rescue Mission - Columbus, GA
Winston-Salem Rescue Mission - Yadkinville, NC (Rural Location) 

Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Ohio - Michigan - Minnesota - Missouri 
Nebraska - North Dakota - South Dakota - Wisconsin 

Barberton Rescue Mission - Clinton, OH
Carriage Town Ministries - Flint, MI
City Mission - Cleveland, OH
City Union Mission - Kansas City, MO (Men's and Women's Learning Centers)
Grace Centers of Hope - Pontiac, MI
Haven of Rest Ministries - Akron, OH 
Holland Rescue Mission - Holland, MI
Hope Gospel Mission - Eau Claire, WI
Hope Rescue Mission of South Bend - South Bend, IN
Kalamazoo Gospel Mission - Kalamazoo, MI
Kokomo Rescue Mission - Kokomo, IN
Mel Trotter Ministries -  Grand Rapids, MI
Milwaukee Rescue Mission - Milwaukee, WI 
Northlands Rescue Mission - Grand Forks, ND
Open Door Mission - Omaha, NE
Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley - Youngstown, OH
Rockford Rescue Mission Ministries - Rockford, IL
South Side Mission - Peoria, IL
Sunshine Ministries - St. Louis, MO
The Rescue Mission - Fort Wayne, IN
Union Gospel Mission - Sioux Falls, SD
Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities - St. Paul, MN (Men's and Women's Learning Centers)
Wayside Cross Ministries - Aurora, IL
Wheeler Mission Ministries - Indianapolis, IN 

Arizona - New Mexico - Oklahoma - Texas GED Book

Christ for the Nations International - Dallas, TX
Dallas LIFE - Dallas, TX
Gospel Rescue Mission - Tucson, AZ
Phoenix Rescue Mission - Phoenix, AZ
Union Gospel Mission - Dallas, TX 

Alaska - British Columbia - California - Colorado - Hawaii - Idaho 
Oregon - Washington - Wyoming 

Bay Area Rescue Mission - Richmond, CA
Boise Rescue Mission - Boise, ID (Multiple Learning Centers)
Christian Aid Center - Walla Walla, WA
City Team Ministries - San Jose, CA (Multiple Learning Centers)
Denver Rescue Mission - Denver, CO
Fairbanks Rescue Mission - Fairbanks, AK
Gospel Center Rescue Mission - Stockton, CA
High Desert Youth Center - Victorville, CA
Long Beach Rescue Mission - Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles Mission - Los Angeles, CA
Orange County Rescue Mission - Tustin, CA
Portland Rescue Mission - Portland, OR
River of Life Mission - Honolulu, HI
Santa Barbara Rescue Mission - Santa Barbara, CA
Shepherd's Gate - Livermore, CA
Springs Rescue Mission - Colorado Springs, CO
The Mission at Kern County - Bakersfield, CA
Union Gospel Mission of Seattle - Seattle, WA (Multiple Learning Centers)
Union Gospel Mission - Spokane, WA
Union Gospel Mission - Salem, OR
Union Gospel Mission of Vancouver - Vancouver, BC
Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA
Victory Resource Center - San Bernardino, CA

For the names of contacts and their phone numbers, call Linda at ILS