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ILS Nova's Partnership With TechMission

ILS Nova was originally developed by Innovative Learning Systems, Inc. In 2012, ILS Nova entered into partnership with TechMission to jointly develop the next version of its flagship ILS Nova software, which will now be delivered over the Web. ILS Nova will become a program of TechMission with ownership of key content remaining with Innovative Learning Systems. TechMission will do the development of this new product, using the content provided by ILS Nova from its existing software. 

TechMission entered into the partnership because based on its experience with City Vision College and the Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4), it saw that there was a great need for online training for Adult Basic Education and helping people get their GEDs. ILS Nova and City Vision are both programs of the nonprofit TechMission, but ILS Nova is not a program or course of City Vision College and has no affliation with DETC.

TechMission is a Christian nonprofit whose motto is "connecting people with the poor", and whose values of Jesus, justice, and technology are a fit with the goals of ILS Nova: to deliver quality Christian-based education at low cost to high risk populations.